Monosized silver-coated polymer particles

Spherica® Ag

Spherica® Ag particles are the next generation conductive particles for electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) or isotropic conductive adhesives (ICA), where conductivity is required in all directions. Spherica® Ag series spans a wide range of diameter polymer spheres coated with silver, designed for applications in microelectronics interconnect, die attach and solar module manufacturing. Spherica® Ag products reduce silver consumption dramatically compared to traditional silver flake fillers, providing low resistivity while cutting costs. Due to the polymer core, Spherica® Ag particles have thermomechanical compatibility with adhesive resins which improve joint reliability compared to metallic fillers. Furthermore, the spherical shape enables jet-printing by avoiding nozzle clogging issues.

Product features

  • Cost-efficient – up to 90% silver reduction
  • Tailor adhesive laydown and joint height/stand-off
  • Superior reliability
  • Truly spherical particles with highly uniform size distribution 

Spherica® Ag

Conductive adhesive with Spherica® Ag

Silver flakes

Conductive adhesive with silver flakes

Comparison of Spherica® Ag products to conventional silver flakes

In ECA made with Spherica® Ag products, the polymer core replaces a significant fraction of the silver volume, leading to substantial cost savings. The following table summarizes the difference between a typical adhesive containing silver flakes and one containing our 10µm product Spherica® Ag-10-03.

Spherica® Ag-10-03

1 kg Spherica® = 550 ml
density 1.8 g/cm³

1 kg filler loading

60 wt%

13 x 100 ml

syringes with ECA

Silver flakes

1 kg conductive particles =100 ml
density 10.5 g/cm³

1 kg filler loading

75 wt%

5 x 100 ml

syringes with ECA


  • ECA for die attach and microelectronics packaging.
  • Cost-effective silver-coated particles for ECA targeted towards solar module manufacturing.

Examples of use

Ribbon attach solar module

ECA used for interconnect between solar cell and ribbon/wires, connecting solar cells in series in the module. ECA with Spherica® Ag enables a lead-free and cost-efficient alternative to soldering or ECA with silver flakes.

Shingle module

EECA used for interconnect in shingle modules, connecting the solar cell strips to each other, forming strings without visible busbars or wires. Using ECA with Spherica® Ag, the joint becomes flexible and reliable.

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