Monosized gold-coated polymer particles

Spherica® Au

Spherica® particles are designed specifically for applications within Anisotropic Conductive Films and Pastes (ACF/ACP). The flexible polymer core provides excellent bonding performance, and the nickel and gold coating ensures excellent electrical performance.

Monosized nickel-coated polymer particles

Spherica® Ni

Spherica® particles are a low-cost alternative to Spherica® Au, maintaining the good mechanical and electrical properties, whilst keeping cost down. Spherica® Ni products are targeted towards applications within Anisotropic Conductive Films and Pastes (ACF/ACP).

Product features

  • Tailored mechanical properties of polymer core
  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Narrow size distribution

ACF/ACP working principle

  • Chip is bonded to substrate using anisotropic conductive adhesive, applying pressure and heat.
  • Particles are trapped between pads, ensuring electrical contact in vertical direction only.
  • Adhesive is providing both mechanical strength and insulation between adjacent pads, avoiding short circuits.


  • Displays for TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Other application areas include CCD cameras and handheld devices, smart cards and RFID.

Examples of use

Chip-on-Glass (COG)

For display manufacturing, COG describes the connection between the driver IC and LCD glass substrate.

Flex-on-Glass (FOG)

FOG is the connection between flexible substrate, e.g. flex cable and glass substrate, commonly used in displays.

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