Monosized polymer particles

Spherica® N

Spherica® N are monodisperse particles with highly uniform particles size distribution, targeted for use as gap spacers in electronic devices and displays. Spherica® N particles are designed for use in semiconductor sealing materials and functional adhesives.

Product features

  • Truly spherical particles with highly uniform size distribution
  • Wide range of available particle diameters
  • Particle diameter, composition and properties can be customised

Gap spacer working principle

Spherica® N products with their uniform diameter are used to tailor and control gap height and planarity.


  • Die stacking
  • Display
  • Optical CCD camera mounting
  • High frequency applications – Controlled spacing of components to substrate.
  • Alignment in LED projectors – Car head lights.

Examples of use

Die stacking

Spherica® N products can be used to control the gap spacing in die stacking applications, enabling 3D packaging and heterogeneous integration.

Die stack without spacer

Die with particle spacer


Tailored diameter of Spherica® N particles ensure perfect gap control for the different areas of the display, from cell spacers to sealant spacers.

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